Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 66 : Point and Shoot Cameras

The band is set and ready, the lights dim and BAM! Just as as the first chord is played on the guitar what do you see in the audience? A million flashing lights from their little point and shoot cameras. What image are they getting on that screen? The people in front of them are overexposed/correctly exposed with the background (the stage) almost all black. What else are they getting? Their pretty faces as they see, OMG, Eli Young Band play!!!! Anything else? Oh yeah, they've pumped up their digital zoom, thinking their on camera flash will reach across the stadium to grace the country star's face. Wrong. it's blurry.

People amuse me.

I'm not very proud of this shot but as I wait for my laundry to get done, I can't help but get my thoughts out and this is the perfect shot for that. It's the mass tangle of hands holding cameras, holding phones, with such eagerness behind it! The open mouths screaming because their favorite country artist is so close to them and Oh My God touching them! Maybe one of them wet their shredded jean skirt and knockoff country boots with excitement. Who knows? I can only hope because then it would make this image that much better.

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