Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 17 : An Ugly Fish is A Beautiful Model

I will be posting more on my blog when I get them edited.

This fish, in my opinion is U-G-L-Y. However, it sure doesn't feel that way. Ugly here, posed wonderfully for Rob and I at Mr. Aquarium. Last week I asked for permission to photograph one of their fish since buying one would have been expensive and then I would be left with this fish. More than likely I would have sung it a nice lullaby and put it asleep. Having a dirty fish is a responsibility I don't want. In this shoot alone he crapped all in my vase!

The vase was the actual inspiration for this shoot. For Christmas my sister got me a vase the shape and size of a human head. It's awesome, but as Rob and I also found out, it is extremely difficult to shoot. For one, it's thick glass, and two, it's not your typical smooth clear vase. None-the-less we did get some great shots. I'm going to be posting them to my other blog soon. This was a lot of fun to do.

I like this shot because it has so much action. You can just see the stars in that ugly fish's eyes as it pleads for us to stop popping the flashes and put him back in a tank where he has room to swim.

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  1. brain fish!!!

    today was awesome! hope we can do it again soon...with or without head vase