Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 7 : Apple?

This is one of my favorite shots.

This weekend, Justin got his samurai sword in the mail. Upon hearing the arrival of the new toy, David brought over a bag of apples and much silliness ensued. After 10 apples were hacked into tiny pieces by the katana, I told David to grab the floor lamp and be my light guy. I threw a black shirt at Jana and told her to put it on. I told Justin to cut me an apple as close to in half as he could. He did and cut his finger in the process.

For the crudeness of the shoot, it was a lot of fun. We used Justin's expertise on the handling of a sharp sword, the white walls of Justin's apartment as a background, and Justin's floor lamp as my spotlight. I busted a light manipulating it around, but overall I was very happy with this shoot. I want to do it again in a studio and get some really tight shots, but for now, I'm left with the memories of tossing apples at Justin, Jana, and David as they wield the katana and dice apples in mid air.

At least the apartment smells nice now.

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