Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 11 : Pedicure Green

Today I got my 4th pedicure of my entire life. The best part - I have ticklish feet and ended up cracking up the entire salon with my giggles. Green is my favorite color, which is why I chose this color to go on my pretty toes. However, due to the winter weather, my toes won't be flattering the world with their presence but will remain wrapped in socks and converse shoes until it's warm out. Until then, I'll walk in joy with the knowledge that my toes are painted this pretty green, one of my favorite colors.


  1. You DO have pretty toes!

  2. It's still flip-flop weather in Tampa. It's probably worth the trip for that plus the dancing. You can stay in my guest bedroom.

  3. Green is my favorite color, too! (Granted, that's definitely evidenced in my color project. haha!)

    I like it! Nice lines and shapes.